Is social media for my business?

Is Social Media for my business?

Social media in business is almost a must today. It can put your business up with the best of them, its cheap, easy and very beneficial to all.
Social Media offers a affordable and effective way to connect with your target audience and create brand awareness.
The biggest upside is that social media tools enable you to connect directly to your customers and get a clear idea as to what they want.
Because the large shift in internet usage to social media, it is impeccable that your business gets aboard. It is said that almost 70% of internet user are accessing the internet for social media.
So where to start…
I believe that a lot of business owners are worried to step into social media marketing because they dont know where to begin.
The social media world is quite daunting looking from the outside and forever growing.
You can grow your online presents by writing your own blog or leaving a comment on someone else’s blog, which if added to businesses website helps enormously with search engine optimisation (search engine rankings).
You can reach out to potential clients in a cost effective manner by advertising on social websites with advertising
such as Facebook ‘pay per click’ advertising, where you can hone down your audience to people interested or in your local area. Only paying if people click on your link, reducing wasted advertising efforts.
Social media marketing and advertising is especially good if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have the
budget for television and advertising campaigns.
You can also receive and send relevant information, connect and network with groups and individuals
through social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube and many, many more.

5 ways to make social media effective for your business

1. Develop Meaningful Relationships
whether business to business or with clients and customers

2. Feedback
social media is the most direct way to here back from your customer

3. Deliver relevant content
this will help with seo and make your business attractive and sort after for useful information

4. Advertise with Social Media
some of the most effective ways to advertise and cheapest

5.Spreading the word
If done well, once doing social media people/clients/customers will advertise and do marketing for you.