Selective Hearing and Business Advice

This may be the harsh truth but it is still the truth, when facing a life changing decision or even a small decision we usually know before we ask for advice what we will choose to do in the end. I have been through this in life and business.

We should probably call it seeking affirmation rather than seeking advice. We turn on our selective hearing to what lines up with the outcome and path we desire.

But imagine if we truly seeked out advice and used it appropriately, of course from people that have been down the road we have been down and come out the other side successfully.

If we are flexible sometimes in the way we do things and still focussed on our goal sometimes advice can make the road a little less bumpy. Good advice can still sometimes be hard to hear and to understand, but it’s still good.

My journey could have been much simpler and easier if I had opened my ears.

Sometimes the advice you need may come from a person of a lesser status or position than yourself, don’t mistake my words for saying that run with all advice because there is probably more bad than good advice being thrown around out there, but take all advice and help with open ears and an open mind and process it through your own filter wherever it may come from and sometimes take the hard word from people that have been through what you are going through.

Most of all live your life to the fullest.