What makes a great boss and manager

Some key techniques bosses and managers can implement in their roles for great business gain.


  1. Be the the same person around your staff as you are around your bosses or clients.
  2. Be a great example, people read meaning into your moves.
  3. Your title gives you power, integrity gives you influence.
  4. Praise early and often, specifically and sincerely.
  5. Great bosses don’t just fix products, they coach people.
  6. Be generous in sharing credit, be honourable in taking blame.
  7. Never lie. If you cant not disclose information, just say so.
  8. Bosses that think fear is a good motivator usually motivate people to find new bosses.
  9. Learn to have tough conversations with strength AND sensitivity.
  10. Just because you think you are approachable, doesn’t mean people are comfortable approaching you. Reach out.
  11. Don’t treat everyone alike, know people well enough to manage them as individuals.
  12. The simple act of listening can be a great gift from a boss, people want to feel that they are heard.
  13. Disengage from digital devices when talking to staff, they hate it when you multi-task when trying to communicate with you.
  14. Hire slow, Fire fast.
  15. Never hire in your self image, hire only someone that will bring something to the table.
  16. Loyalty goes both ways, because no-one can promise a job for life, your employee may have their eye on the door as well.
  17. What you measure is what you value.
  18. Remember the first line in a message/email sets the tone for what follows.
  19. Not every employee volunteers or asks for a promotion, some are humble or some think that their work speaks for itself. So you had better notice.
  20. The most important thing bosses do is help others succeed.
  21. People are required to follow managers, they choose to follow leaders.
  22. You can be a good manager or a good leader, but to be great at either you need to be good at both.
  23. People will follow who ever they think has their best interests at heart.
  24. Bad bosses (ignorant, arrogant, inept or corrupt) inevitably fail. Their staff develop guerrilla tactics for surviving them, working around them and ultimately defeating them.
  25. Always and continuously be a learner, no matter what your title.